Negotiations Update:
June 2019 – A shout out to the almost 100 supporters who stood up in a show of solidarity for the Negotiations Team Tuesday evening at the Administration Building! We had union members and their children from Bourne and Dennis-Yarmouth, retired FEA members, current FEA members, spouses and children of FEA members, and former students lining the halls of the Administration building in a show of silent support all organized by FEA’s Action Outreach Team with help from MTA Staffers Bryan Gangemi and Ross Berry.
Action Outreach Team members are:

East Falmouth Elementary – Christine O’Brien

Mullen Hall – Kelsey Lareau

North Falmouth Elementary – Karen Fleer

Teaticket Elementary – Maryellen Woods

Morse Pond School – Sherri Delmonico & Kara Chase

Lawrence – Jim Deasy

FHS – Stephanie Morrison

Thank you to the Action Outreach Team!


March 2019 – The Negotiations Team met with the School Committee’s Negotiations Team on March 21 and 28, as well as April 4. They also have met several evenings for FEA planning purposes for a total of more than 15 hours. In that time they have successfully negotiated several Tentative Agreements for Unit A. In addition, they are currently drafting proposals for Units B, C, and D.
Feb 2019 – The FEA met with the district January 30, February 28, and March 7 for nearly three hours each session and made effective progress. We’ve come to agreement on several issues for Unit A. Both sides expressed rationale for their respective proposals. We’ve begun the conversation about compensation. Please remember that your Negotiations Team starts bargaining for Unit A, as it is the largest, with the understanding that many agreements made within this unit can be applied to Units B, C, and D when we negotiate those units. We have had numerous planning meetings, lasting at times more than 3 hours each preparing for negotiations. We are working hard for you under the direction of our Negotiations Chair Rachel Zaino.

January 2019 – The FEA Negotiations Team and MTA representatives met with the Falmouth Public School District’s School Committee and Central Office Representatives on January 17th, for two hours to begin our contract negotiations. They reached agreements on meeting dates through March 7, agreed to ground rules for our negotiations, and exchanged initial proposals for Unit A. The teams will reconvene before the end of January and will keep you apprised of their progress.

Members of the team are:

Rachel Zaino, FEA Negotiation Chair

Lori Andrade, FEA President

Carrie Fitzpatrick, Unit B Representative

Val Saffron, Unit C Representative

Pam Maynard, Unit D Representative

Martha Asendorf & Elijah Switzer, Unit A Elementary Representatives

Corrine Brennan, MP Representative

Jeff Tribou & Bob Heller, LAW Representatives

Karyn Kuhn & Tom Messer, FHS Representatives


Feel free to share questions and/or concerns with any of the team members.

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