Evaluations Sub-Committee

Representing FEA:
Lori Andrade, Chair
Jeanine Kelly, MP
Joanne Palmer, FHS
Sarah Cox, English dept. head
Pam Coakley, Nurses
Val Saffron and Joan Holman – Unit C
Representing Admin:
Tim Adams, NF, Chair
Sonia Tellier, Admin
Mary Gans, FHS
Joan Woodward, Admin


The Evaluations Subcommittee has resumed meeting this year. You can check the FEA website for a current list of members. It appears that Unit C evaluations will be included in their work. There are vacancies, and we need Unit C representation! Let me know if you are interested.

Non PTS Units A & D:

By November 15th, evaluator completes one announced observation for all non-PTS educators.

Non PTS Educators and Educators on a One Year Self-Directed Growth Plan Units A & D and Administrators on a One Year Self-Directed Growth Plan Unit B:

By January 10th, educator/administrator submits evidence to evaluator on community engagement, professional culture, and progress toward SMART goals (and other standards, if desired). Educators/Administrators should submit artifacts that reflect the “Focus Areas for Collection of Evidence”, unless the evaluator has specifically requested artifacts from other areas.

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