Evaluations Timeline


The Evaluations Subcommittee is making plans to resume meeting this year.  Unit C evaluations were included in their work last year and will pilot the new system this year. There are vacancies! Let me know if you are interested.

All Educators and Administrators Units A, B & D:

By October 15th, Educator/Administrator completes his/her self-assessment (analysis of student learning and analysis of professional practice) and proposed SMART goals. Evaluator/Administrator meets with educator/administrator (individually and/or in teams) to develop the Educator Plan. Evaluator/Administrator meets with the first-year educators to assist in self-assessment and goal setting process.

By November 1st, evaluators ensure each educators Educator Plan is completed.

Non PTS Units A & D:

By November 15th, evaluator completes one announced observation for all non-PTS educators.

Non PTS Educators and Educators on a One Year Self-Directed Growth Plan Units A & D and Administrators on a One Year Self-Directed Growth Plan Unit B:

By January 10th, educator/administrator submits evidence to evaluator on community engagement, professional culture, and progress toward SMART goals (and other standards, if desired). Educators/Administrators should submit artifacts that reflect the Focus Areas for Collection of Evidence, unless the evaluator has specifically requested artifacts from other areas.

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