Reps Council Agenda 03/27/19

Rec Center 4:00pm

  • 4:00 PM – Call to order & Announcements-
  • Secretary’s Report

4:15pm Central Office Staff

  1. Treasurer’s Report     
  2. President’s Report
    1. LCM Update
    2. All In/Fund Our Future Grant
      1. Member Outreach Committee
  3. Vice President’s Report
    1. HR issues documentation
  4. Grievance Chair’s Report
  5. Webmaster’s Report
  6. Minority Director’s Report
  7. Membership Chair’s Report
  8. Building and Unit Reports
  9. Committee reports  – any and all committee Chairs may update the group
    1. Evaluation Committee
      1. Elementary Rep. needed
      2. Lawrence/MP Rep needed
    2. Election Committee
      1. Co-Chairs Rose Moran & Kelsey Lareau
      2. Vice President liaison
    3. Bylaws Review Committee
      1. Co-Chairs: Jim Deasy, Sherri DelMonico & Rose Moran
  10. Unfinished business
  11. New business

6:00 PM – Adjournment

Next Meeting  – Apr 24

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