Reps Council Agenda 02/27/19

   Rec Center 4:00pm

  1. 4:00 PM – Call to order & Announcements
  2. Secretary’s Report
    1. Attendance Report

4:15pm Central Office Staff

  1. Treasurer’s Report     
  2. President’s Report
    1. Intro: Retired Member Director Pat Dale
    2. All In/Fund Our Future Grant
      1. Member Outreach Committee (10 members)
        1. NF, EF & 1MP reps identified
  3. Vice President’s Report
  4. Grievance Chair’s Report
  5. Webmaster’s Report
  6. Minority Director’s Report
  7. Membership Chair’s Report
  8. Building and Unit Reports
  9. Committee reports  – any and all committee Chairs may update the group
    1. Reps Council is Election Committee
      1. Vice President liaison
    2. Bylaws Review Committee
      1. Co-Chairs: Jim Deasy & Sherri DelMonico
      2. Members: Rose Moran
  10. Unfinished business
  11. New business

6:00 PM – Adjournment

Next Meeting  – Mar 27

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