The “Blue Letters”

The “blue letters”. Through the collaborative, collegial labor-management relationship that continues to form, and given FEA’s mutual agreement with Administration for educators to earn the SEI endorsement, Administration will remove all “blue letters” from personnel files and destroy them. Further, they have agreed to remove Falmouth Public Schools’ imposed SEI Endorsement deadline from all future notifications and job postings. This ensures SEI Endorsement is not a requirement of your employment but, FEA and Administration agree that it is in the best interests of students to possess it. With the EL population on the rise, chances are all CAT teachers will end up being required to earn the endorsement in the near future.

If you returned a corrected blue letter, it will also be destroyed. However, Joany would like to make sure you know that any corrections have already been made in the payroll system. FEA did support the concept of the “blue letters” in so far as being an “employee verification form”- one form with pertinent personnel/administrative information provided in order to verify salary step, salary amount, longevity pay, etc. that can be cross-referenced with pay stubs for accuracy. Joany will be working over the next few months creating this verification form for each member! I believe this will be another positive example of how the FEA and Administration can represent different paths and arrive at common interests.

Please enjoy the onset of August and know that your union is working hard for you!

Best to you, Lori

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