SEI Endorsement – Explained

Falmouth’s SEI Endorsement Deadline Is Not Required

The Units this update most specifically refers to are A, B, and D, and any Unit C members with initial/professional teacher licenses. It is worth the read for all members.

By June 21, 2018 all FEA members had received some variation of what’s being referred to as the “blue letters”. These letters, although not all blue; contained personnel/administrative information as well as an “offer” for a position for the school year 2018-19. Members were instructed to sign and return the letter if the information it contained was correct. Each offer letter also contained language requiring an SEI Endorsement or encouraging participation in an SEI Professional Learning Community (PLC). Most members signed and returned it or had it corrected if there were errors and signed it.

In meetings with Supt., Dr. Lori Duerr; Asst. Supt., Dr. Sonia Tellier; and Director of Human Resources, Dr. Joany Santa; members of your FEA leadership team worked collaboratively to establish what we believe is in the best interests of students in regards to a deadline for an SEI Endorsement imposed by Falmouth Public Schools. FEA Grievance Chair, Sue Ripley-Young; MTA Field Representative, Mike Shannon and yours truly; FEA President, Lori Andrade agreed with Administration’s desire to have equal opportunities for any student to be placed in any classroom regardless if they are an English language learner or not. To that end, it would be most desirable for every teacher to be endorsed.

In Summary, FEA is supporting Administration’s desire for every teacher to be SEI Endorsed and encourages each member who is able to take advantage of the course being offered by Cape Cod Collaborative starting August 30th, as well as the SEI PLCs offered by the district starting this month. I have attached the registration details for both the SEI PLC (15 SEI-specific PDPs) and the SEI Teacher Endorsement course.

If a member wants to enroll in the Endorsement course, he/she should call Sheila (508-420-6950 ext. 1145) at the Cape Cod Collaborative as soon as he/she can to reserve a spot and notify Sheila of the forthcoming registration. THIS IS TIME SENSITIVE! Sonia has shared that the Collaborative would like to turn the remaining seats over to Barnstable educators on Monday, August 6, 2018. Additionally, it seems this is likely to be the last DESE SEI Endorsement full-course offered on the Cape.


Helpful Information:

As outlined by Mike Shannon:

Currently, DESE’s requirement is:

1.       If a member has never had an EL they do not have to get the SEI Endorsement.

2.       Once a member (CAT – Core Area Teacher) has an EL assigned to their class, they have one calendar year to get the endorsement.

3.       If that member does not get the endorsement in that calendar year their right to employment “could” be in jeopardy. It is “could” because it appears that DESE is not forcing the issue, but they are leaving it up to the district.

IMPORTANT – “If a member would like to check their status they just have to log into their ELAR account on the DESE website and check “License Status”. There it will say “ReTell Restricted – yes/no”. No means you don’t need it yet. Yes means you need to get it.


Here are the links & some info from DESE:

Requirement after July 1, 2016 

After July 1, 2016, any unendorsed CAT who is assigned an EL will have 12 months from the time of that assignment to earn the SEI Endorsement Notice to Superintendents from the DESE RETELL Team, May 26, 2016.

603 CMR 14:07: Assignment of English Learners to Teachers in School Districts

(3) Starting on July 1, 2016, any core academic teacher who is assigned to provide sheltered English instruction to an English learner shall either hold an SEI Teacher Endorsement, or is required to earn such endorsement within one year from the date of the assignment. Any school district that assigns an English learner to a core academic teacher who has a year to obtain an SEI endorsement, shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that such English learner is assigned to core academic teachers with an SEI endorsement in subsequent school years.

(Consequently there are new licensure requirements.)

Dr. Sonia Tellier explains it best here:

New licensure requirements (effective July 1, 2016) require all professionally licensed educators to earn a minimum of 15 SEI-specific PDPs during each five-year licensure cycle.

If you earned your SEI Teacher Endorsement by completing an SEI Teacher Endorsement Course AND have not since renewed your professional license, you should have the necessary PDPs.

However, if you earned your SEI Teacher Endorsement via the SEI MTEL or have renewed since taking the SEI Teacher Endorsement Course, you will need to earn 15 SEI PDPs before you can renew again.


SEI Endorsement Full Course August 30 2d6&attid=0.1&disp=inline&realattid=f_jkebloxh0&safe=1&zw

SEI PLCs in District starting in August 2d6&attid=0.2&disp=inline&realattid=f_jkebncqn1&safe=1&zw


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